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Song Pack Download Help

Instructions for song list download

If you are having trouble downloading our pack listings the instructions below should be able to help.
Please visit the following page to download the song list (this will open in another browser window):
When you are on this page please select the packs that you want in the listing. To do this select from the drop down boxes in the 'Show packs' option (the default setting will be the full pack listing).
Next, choose the type of machine that you are using from the drop down box 'Machine type'. This is either Kwizoke Plus or KIT.
You can now select the format that you want to save the file in from the 'Listing format' drop down box. The options are PDF (Adobe Acrobat Format), Excel spreadsheet (to save within Microsoft Office) or text file (will give you a raw text file separated with tabs).
The 'Listing type' option allows you to change the way the listing is ordered. Please use the drop down box to select the order alphabetically by song title or by artist name.
Once you have set the options click download list, what happens next depends on the options you chose.


If you are using Windows XP you may be asked first of all if you would like to open or save the file. It's always best to choose 'save'. If not, don't worry, the file save window should appear.
You will then be shown the file save window where you can choose where you want to save the file to, please select the location on your computer where you would like to store the file. If you want to save to a floppy disk, you need to click the 'Save in' drop down folder box in the window that opens and choose the 'a:' drive.


Unfortunately, the text format will be displayed on screen and won't ask where you would like to save the file so we need to do this manually.
Within your web browser click FILE > SAVE AS, the file save window will appear. From the 'Save in' drop down box please select the location you would like to save to, to save to a floppy disk, you need to click the 'a:' drive.
Finally in the file name box you need to enter a name for the file which should end in .txt and click 'Save'.
This should now save the song listing in text format.

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